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  • What is Sprint 8?

    Sprint 8 is the most effective and time-efficient workout and it only takes 20 minutes, three days a week, and it is scientifically proven to work. The high-intensity portion of this exercise programme amounts to just four minutes per workout. That’s only 12 minutes of high intensity workout per week. Sprint 8 naturally releases HGH, so you can feel younger, burn fat, gain lean muscle and thicken skin.

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  • What is HGH?

    HGH (human growth hormone) combats somatopause.

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  • What is somatopause?

    Somatopause is a medical term for loss of muscle, energy decline and wrinkled skin experienced after age 30. Somatopause may be alleviated through HGH injections to artificially increase HGH levels, or through anaerobic exercise, which naturally increases HGH levels.

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  • What are telomeres?

    Telomeres, found on the ends of chromosomes, protect cells from aging. The American Heart Association has linked the presence of long telomeres with youth, healthy people and people who lived to be 100 years old. It found short telomeres to be associated obesity, weight gain and cancer. Telomere length is preserved in healthy, older adults who perform anaerobic exercise.

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  • What is anaerobic exercise?

    Anaerobic exercise is a high-intensity, short-duration exercise that builds strength, speed and endurance. Anaerobic exercise is a natural, healthy way to produce growth hormones, which reduce wrinkles, increase energy and make you feel younger and stronger.

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  • What areas of my body does Sprint 8 work?

    The body consists of three muscle fiber types (slow-, fast-, super-fast twitch), three energy systems and two heart processes. Sprint 8 works them all. When you complete a Sprint 8 workout, your heart rate goes up to where the slow-twitch muscle fibers are inadequate to keep up. Your body then recruits your fast- and super-fast-twitch muscle fibers to compensate.

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  • What are fast-twitch muscle fibers?

    Fast-twitch muscle fibers make up 60% of muscle composition for the average person. Building fast- and super-fast muscle fibers are the key to anaerobic exercise, which can be built through sprint training to release growth hormone. Well-developed fast-twitch muscle fibers increase energy, endurance and athletic performance.

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  • What are mitochondria, and why are they important?

    Mitochondria are microscopic oranelles in cells. They play an important role in creating energy for the cell. The body takes diet and oxygen through mitochondria to create more energy through the ATP energy system in humans. High-intensity exercise over an eight-week period can double your mitochondria count and triple their energy output, making you able to work out longer and have more energy throughout your day.

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  • What if I’m not ready to start an intense exercise programme like Sprint 8?

    Sprint 8 can be started at any level. The key is an increased change in intensity. Determine your starting level.

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  • Why is Sprint 8 more effective than working out with less intensity for a longer time period?

    Low-intensity training does not recruit the fast-twicth muscle fibers needed to increase growth hormones. Sprinting burns calories long after your workout is complete!

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  • How is Sprint 8 different from any other interval cardio programme?

    Sprint 8 requires your absolute maximum intensity and is thus a more efficient workout than regular interval training. Vision Fitness machines are specifically manufactured to withstand this extra intensity.

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  • Can I do additional cardio or strength training to supplement a Sprint 8 workout?

    Yes. Four times a week, add a 10-minute stretching programme after Sprint 8 when your muscles are warm. Strength training is important for everyone especially women, to prevent bone loss. Find out what a comprehensive strategic fitness plan looks like.

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  • Am I too old to do the Sprint 8 programme?

    The older you get, the more benefits you will get out of a Sprint 8 workout. It’s specifically designed to combat the aging effects you begin to experience after 30. Determine your starting level.

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  • How do I determine which level to start at?

    You should begin with two reps (2 cardio sprints) on level 2 to 5. If the 30-second cardio sprint is not difficult to finish, increase the intensity to a higher level. It generally takes two or three workouts to comfortably complete a full Sprint 8 workout. Determine your starting level here.

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  • On a bike or elliptical, how do I determine speed?

    You should go as fast as your fast-twitch fibers will allow during the 30-second cardio sprint. Watch your Metabolic Equivalent Tasks (METs) during the sprint, since they measures the intensity of exercise by the velocity of movement and the level of resistance.

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  • How can I use Sprint 8 to train for endurance events?

    Sprint 8 improves performance at the cellular level, and can double endurance capacity in as little as two weeks.

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  • Can I do Sprint 8 everyday?

    Although people can tolerate slow-twitch fiber recruiting cardio daily without injury, fast-fiber recruiting (Sprint 8) is much more demanding and the research suggests that fast-fiber needs 48 hours to totally heal, so every other day is the current recommendation.

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  • Is there a higher heart attack risk while doing Sprint 8? Would you recommend this programme to someone with a heart condition?

    Anaerobic and aerobic exercise can always be done safely. It’s the strength or weakness of the fast-twitch muscle fiber that limits people from going too hard and fast during the sprints, and their fast fiber simply stops. When in doubt, however, get physician clearance.

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  • How do I know if I’m releasing HGH during and after the workout?

    Doing the all-out cardio sprints that are part of the Sprint 8 workout will guarantee HGH release. Reach these HGH release benchmarks during fitness training to achieve optimal results:

    • 1. Out-of-breath (oxygen debt)
    • 2. Muscle burn (lactic acid)
    • 3. Increased body temperature (one degree)
    • 4. Adrenal response (slightly painful). The only way to determine exact increase percentages would involve getting blood drawn with your physician.
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  • Does HGH cause bigger muscles and a bulkier physique?

    Women do not have to worry about a bulky physique unless they are injecting testosterone. Adding some lean muscle will increase the resting metabolism, however, which means more calories without gaining weight.

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  • I’m concerned that taking supplements, like the recommended L-Glutamine, could interfere with my medication. Do you have any info on drug interactions?

    The websites and have helpful resources on checking drug interactions with nutrition supplements.

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  • Where is Human Growth Hormone produced in my body?

    Human growth hormone is stored in the pituitary gland until it is "released" into the blood system.

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  • What controls the release of HGH?

    The hypothalamus gland controls the number of growth hormone (HGH) pulses and the amount that is released in each pulse. Improve your natural release of HGH with adquate "slow wave" sleep, HGH-enhancing nutritional supplements, HGH secretagogues (available at most nutrition stores) and HGH-releasing exercise.

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  • What are METs?

    METs or Metabolic Equivalent Tasks and can been seen on many pieces of cardio equipment and on Vision Fitness cardio units by pushing the “Display” button once. This gives you METs rather than “Percentage of Target Heart Rate.” A METs number is similar to watts on cardio units as they both measures the combination of resistance and the velocity of movement; METs is easier number to relate too than watts during the hard 30-second cardio sprint.

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